Does your business model support your freedom-seeker lifestyle?

Freedom is an important element for many entrepreneurs, especially for those looking for a freedom-seeker lifestyle. The ability to travel and take time off, as well as work the hours you want, is the reason why you probably started your business in the first place. You may want to spend time with your children or spend six months of the year travelling and are looking for a business to support that. 

But if you’re looking for that freedom-seeker lifestyle, you need to ensure you’re choosing a business model that supports that desire. It isn’t always easy to achieve time and location freedom, especially if you’re used to working in the corporate world. 

So if you’re not sure if your business model will support your choice for freedom, here are the questions you need to ask.

Can you minimise your involvement in your business?

If you’re an essential element of the daily workings of your business, you’re going to struggle to establish the freedom you want. One-to-one calls can potentially be arranged around your availability, as can group and membership commitments. But if you don’t have a team in place and are running your business solo, you will need to change that if you want to step back from being so involved in your business. Look into growing a team and hiring an OBM to manage the day-to-day running of your business.

Do you need to be available for set business hours?

Working core business hours and the Monday to Friday scenario is often a carryover from being in the corporate world. But does it suit your business – and does it fit your needs? If you’re looking to incorporate a freedom-friendly model, start looking into changing your working hours and communicating that change to your clients.

Is flexibility built into your business? 

It isn’t just your business hours that need to be flexible in your business. If you’re reliant on video conferences and a strong wifi connection, you may struggle, especially if you’re looking to travel. You can’t always guarantee to be somewhere with a strong wifi connection. As many video conferencing apps also need a good signal to run, you’re going to need to be flexible with calls too. You can help minimise the risks by investing in a mobile phone with a large data allowance and picking apps compatible with working offline.

Are you comfortable with managing a remote team?

Do you even have a team in place? You need to be able to step back from your business to enjoy the freedom you’re looking to create. And this is only achievable if you have a team in place to support you. But that’s only half the battle – you also need to be comfortable managing that remote team! Check out
this recent blog for help with managing a remote team effectively.

Can you easily implement automation?

Automation can really help you incorporate some freedom into your business. It’s also a great way to cut down on those tasks on your to-do list too! Look into automating any tasks that are routine and/or mundane. Check out these
8 tasks you can (and should!) automate in your business.

Are you able to adapt to any working environment?

Travelling the world and enjoying your freedom can mean having to work in any environment. Many entrepreneurs like nothing more than working from a cafe or sitting by the sea. But does that suit you – or are you someone who needs peace and quiet so that you can focus? If noise is a particular issue for you, look to invest in some good quality noise-cancelling headphones. And if you’re planning on travelling, take yourself off to a cafe and start acclimating yourself to working in any environment.

Is it a model you can get on board with?

It’s great finding a business model that allows you that freedom lifestyle. But it will only work if you’re happy with the model you’ve chosen. Models such as passive income, dropshipping etc., don’t suit everyone, so make sure you’re choosing a business model that you will enjoy.

If you’re invested in having a true freedom-seeker lifestyle, why not look into partnering with an OBM for your business? An Online Business Manager can manage the day-to-day running of your business, so you’re free to be the freedom-based CEO you want to be. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free consultation call, and let’s discuss your needs and how it could benefit you and your business.

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