8 admin tasks you can (and should!) automate in your business

Anyone who runs a business will tell you, there’s a lot of admin involved! It’s often those back-office admin tasks that get neglected when you’re a little overwhelmed or snowed under with orders. But it’s those same tasks that need to run smoothly if you want your business to thrive – and that’s where automation comes in. If you want to take your business to the next level, here’s 8 admin tasks you need to automate in your business.

#1: Email sorting

Most email inboxes have built-in automation functionality, so take advantage of this. Look to create folders for your main email categories, and use filters, labels and rules to automatically sort your emails as soon as they hit your inbox. That way, you’ll not only minimise the time you’re spending in your inbox, you’ll also know exactly where to find any email.

#2: Automate email responses

Next up is email responses. There are often standard responses you use on a regular basis, so set these up as email templates. Another good option is to set up an automated email letting senders know you only check your email once or twice a day – and letting them know the typical turnaround time for your response.

#3: Facebook chatbot

If you’re looking to automate in your business, you cannot avoid a chatbot. A Facebook chatbot enables you to set up automated responses, ask questions, deliver your most popular content and helps you to learn more about the needs and wants of your audience. Take a look at
this ManyChat blog, for some great examples of automated chatbot functionality.

#4: Discovery call bookings

There’s nothing worse than trying to book a call the old fashioned way. You know, where you’re going back and forth via email, trying to sort a suitable date and time. Instead, link up a calendar app and get people to immediately click on a button and book a suitable call. You’ll want to sync it with your working calendar though, so potential call bookings don’t clash with any other appointments you may have.

#5: Consultancy call bookings, questionnaire and payment

Another admin task you can automate is consultancy call bookings. Taking someone from initial interest, through to booking and paying for a call and answering a simple questionnaire is an essential process, but it’s also one that can be easily automated. 

#6: Customer data collection with online forms

Whether you’re looking to collect feedback from your course attendees or survey your email list, online forms are a great addition to your business. They’re also easy to automate and integrate with other software you may be using.

#7: Paying recurring bills

If you’re looking to automate recurring bill payments you make, it goes without saying, set up a standing order or direct debit. However, it’s just as simple to set up recurring payments from your clients too, if you automate the process. From
GoCardless through to Stripe and PayPal, there are a lot of payment processors you can choose from.

#8: Invoice reminders

Finally, don’t forget to automate your invoice reminders! Most accounting software packages enable you to set up automatic reminders for invoice payments due – some will even let you set up an early reminder, so your invoice doesn’t come as a shock to your client!

If you want to take your business seriously, you need to think about the operations, technology and marketing elements of it and then automate as many as possible. Once you’ve automated them, make sure you add them to your SOPS manual [Not sure what that is? Check out: What are Standard Operating Procedures, and why do I need them?]

If you’re ready to automate the admin in your business, but maybe need a little help understanding how to do so, why not book yourself in for a Power Hour? During this one-to-one Zoom session, we can work on a topic of your choice or solve a specific problem you may have. You’ll get a recording of the session, along with any action points you need, to help you move forward. You can find more information on my Power Hour calls, along with a book link, here.


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