Power Hour Sessions

What is a power hour?

A power hour is a 1 : 1 session with me, on Zoom where we will cover a topic of your choice. This could be a new skill you would like to learn or a specific problem you need solved.

Prior to the session you will receive an email which will outline the session structure and a list of what you will need to prepare or bring along. During the session I will share my screen with you, and we will dive deep into the chosen topic answering all of your questions.

Once we complete the session I will send you a follow up email providing you with the recording of the session, outline any points we discussed and also give you some homework.

Also, if you have a specific topic you would like to cover, please get in touch to discuss a custom power hour.

Power Hour | Virtual Assistance | Business Assistance

Process optimisation

Do you have a set of steps/ tasks you do over and over again and you know it can be done in less time, but just can’t figure out how?

Then this session is the first step to a more streamlined and efficient business.

In this one hour session we cover one process of your choice.

We will document each step in the process and evaluate which of these steps can be removed, outsourced or automated.

After the session you will receive a fully documented process, outlining what can be outsourced, or automated and which tools I would recommend for the automation.

Tools for your business

You know you need to implement some new tools to streamline your business and support your ongoing growth, but you are overwhelmed by the amount of different tools and apps on the market or you just don’t like tech.

Then this session is for you.

We will use this time to brainstorm and choose the right tools for your business. Tools that work now and as your business keeps growing.

Power Hour | Business Assistance
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