The 5 systems you need to achieve that freedom-lover lifestyle

As a business owner, you’ll appreciate that systems are essential if you want your business to run smoothly. But if you’re looking to achieve that freedom lover lifestyle, systems are even more important to you. If you’re looking for freedom, your business needs to be one that’s based on structures and systems as much as possible.

There are so many individual systems you can implement into your business. But if you’re looking to achieve a freedom-lover lifestyle, you need to ensure that you at least have these five essential systems in place.

#1: Your business marketing system

A sound marketing system will help your business grow and scale in a simple, automated way. It’s designed to take your marketing strategy and use the tools at your disposal to give you the results you want. Your marketing system needs to be built around your customer journey and cover your lead magnet funnels, as well as your inbound and outbound marketing activities. This includes advertising campaigns, content syndication and creation, social media, blog posts and guest blogging, etc. 

#2: A sales system is essential if you want a freedom-lover lifestyle

Without sales, you’ll have no business and no financial freedom. You need a robust sales system to bring in the money, no matter where in the world you are. That includes high converting sales and checkout pages, the use of tripwires, upsells and downsells, and thank you pages that help signpost your buyers to their next step.

#3: Email marketing system

A good email marketing system is going to save you masses of time. If it’s set up well, it will help warm new leads and re-engage old ones whilst also making more sales. Automated funnels help build those know and trust elements of your brand, whilst segmented lists can help you hone in on giving signups relevant, targeted information. You can also use your email marketing system to gather feedback, send out client satisfaction surveys and ask for testimonials.

#4: Your CRM system

Your client’s first step with you needs to be a positive experience. A CRM system can help you tailor your onboarding experience if you’ve set it up well. It so it’s
a smooth and pleasant one. It also enables you to store customer data, manage your leads, track client interactions and manage client relationships. As it’s all managed in one central place, it’s also the perfect way to make client data accessible to your entire team. 

#5: Your finance system needs to support your freedom-lover lifestyle

Business administration is something that can take a lot of time to complete. It’s why I recommend you use a finance system to automate your invoicing and payments, manage subscriptions, send receipts and update your bank feeds. You can then go in and run off any reports you need to keep an eye on things. Check out
this blog post for more tips on making your business bookkeeping a breeze.

Use a good project management system

If you’re looking for that freedom lover lifestyle, you need to use a good project management system. This helps you to not only manage your workload but that of your team too. You can check in with how they’re doing, track your leads, manage your pipeline, and automate your workflows. If you’re looking for help with project planning, check out:
3 tips to make project planning a little easier for you.

Hiring an OBM to manage the day-to-day elements of your business is another way to achieve that freedom-lover lifestyle, especially if you’re already an established business owner. If you’d like to discuss how partnering with an OBM could work for your business, why not get in touch? Simply book a free consultation call, and we can take it from there!

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