10 tips to run your business and enjoy the freedom you crave

The beauty of working for yourself is you can create a business and lifestyle moulded around your needs. It’s entirely possible to run a successful business and enjoy the freedom you crave, but it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to know what you’re doing and create the systems and processes to support you.

So if you’re looking to enjoy the freedom you can gain by running your business successfully, here are ten tips that will help make that happen.

#1: Want to enjoy the freedom you crave? Know your needs

Know what you need to be earning financially to make your business a success. You can then work out your goals and plan how you’re going to reach those financial targets.

#2: Use the right business model

Not all business models suit a
freedom-based lifestyle. You need to find a model that you both like and can incorporate into your desired lifestyle.

#3: Enjoy the freedom by planning your goals well in advance 

If you’re looking to work around your lifestyle, you have to be super focused on your goals. Use a project management tool like
Asana to manage your projects and plan your monthly and quarterly goals.

# 4: Know your promotional calendar

What are you going to sell? Create a promotional calendar to ascertain how you’re going to sell your offers. You can then work your social media and content strategy around those promotional pieces.

#5: Build a support team to help free your time

You cannot enjoy the freedom you crave in your business if you’re doing it all yourself. So look to build a support team around you and learn
how to manage a remote team effectively.

#6: Find the right mentors who know how to create a freedom-based business

You need the right mentor in place. This will be someone who knows what it takes to create a successful freedom-based business. If you’re looking to create financial freedom by selling passive income products or running a membership site, find a mentor specialising in those things.

#7: Grow a strong network

It can be incredibly lonely working for yourself, more so if you’re looking to travel. So surround yourself with business colleagues who you can build a strong relationship with. And talking of strong networks, work to build your mailing list. A highly engaged list of ideal clients is also going to stand you in good stead

#8: Use the right tech tools to get you the freedom you crave

Don’t make do with the tech tools you choose. You need robust ones that will do the job, tools that are future-proof and won’t need changing a year or two down the line. Opt for tech tools that will help you automate and streamline your processes, so you can enjoy the freedom you’re creating in your life.

#9: Automate wherever possible

Automation will help you run your business more efficiently and enjoy the freedom you create. Take a look at the
8 tasks you can (and should!) automate in your business for some ideas on where to get started.

#10: Have a buffer in place

It always pays dividends to have a financial buffer in place. Look to build a 3-6 month cushion into your finances, so you do not have to worry about money. Also, think about creating a content buffer too. Look to have at least 1-2 weeks worth of content already created and scheduled ready to go. This will help cover you if you’re ever travelling somewhere that doesn’t have wifi access.

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