Time management is a skill many need to master. If you want to manage your time like a boss, it pays to implement habits that support you. This includes understanding where you’re currently spending your time and learning how to be more productive with your available time.

So if you’re looking to manage your time better, here are the habits you need to implement into your day.

Habit #1: Manage your time better by tracking it


If you want to improve your time management, you need to start by identifying where your time is being spent. Track every minute of your working day, so you can see exactly what tasks you’re completing and how long they typically take you to complete.

Habit #2: Identify your time wasters


See where you’re wasting your time. What things are you doing that aren’t productive (such as scrolling social media, filing etc)? Also, take a look at what tasks are taking up your time but aren’t part of your core zone of genius (such as email management, errands, working on your website etc).

Habit #3: Find your productivity zone


We all work better at certain points in the day. For some, they could be most productive in the morning. For others, it could be later in the afternoon. Identify when you work best and plan your most important work for that time.

Habit #4: Manage your time by planning in advance


This helps to keep you accountable, but it also enables you to ensure you have your main tasks allocated in. For most people, it pays to sit and plan out your week in advance, as well as taking the first 10 minutes out of your day to plan each day. It will set you up for a more productive day and will help you manage your time well.

Habit #5: Delegate more


If you want to manage your time like a boss, you need to act like a boss. Put simply, that means not doing tasks that aren’t worthy of your time. Look at what you charge for your hourly or day rates and look at your tasks. Do they match up, or are there tasks on your to-do list, that you wouldn’t pay someone your rate to complete? If a task isn’t worthy of your rate or your time, delegate it out.

Good time management isn’t something you’re born with. If you want to manage your time you need to learn and implement the habits above. They’ll help you to understand where you’re currently spending your time and learn how to be more productive with your available time.

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How to manage your time like a boss

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