How a chatbot can help improve client communication in your business

If you’re looking to improve client communication in your business, consider investing in a chatbot. It’s an essential tool in your business communication strategy and enables you to provide instant automated responses to your clients’ needs. 

Having a chatbot in place not only helps cut down the amount of effort and time you need to put into customer engagement, but it’s also a great way to monitor what things visitors are looking for when they visit your website. You can then use that data to provide a higher level of customer service to your clients further down the line.

So how exactly can a chatbot help improve client communication in your business? Here are six key reasons you’ll want to invest in a chatbot for your website.

Use a chatbot to improve client communication by answering their FAQs

A chatbot helps to cut down on the number of emails you receive. Traditionally, if someone wants a question answered, they’ll email it over to you. When you install a chatbot on your site, they can get answers to their questions instantly. This helps increase your potential sales, as you’re removing any objections they may have at the time of purchase.

A chatbot can deliver popular content

You can set up your chatbot to deliver your most popular content. That could be a lead magnet, recorded webinar or your most-read blog post. You can use this to help point your visitors to your most valuable or persuasive resources, potentially increasing your conversion levels.

Use it to increase accountability

One of the most significant issues with a lead magnet is a lack of accountability. Often, they’re downloaded and forgotten. If you add automated direct messaging (such as Facebook DMs) to your lead funnel, you can automate prompts for them to download, read and implement your lead magnet. 

Promote your latest freebie, webinar, or blog

You can use your chatbot as a promotional tool as well. When you have a high-value piece of content, such as a freebie, webinar, or blog, you can use your chatbot as an interactive reminder to check them out, sign up and download them.

Your chatbot can help instil positive habits

If you want to increase the likelihood of someone buying from you, you need to get them used to completing your calls to action. A chatbot can be used to take a potential lead through a series of micro-actions (such as reading your FAQs or following you on social media) to get them used to interacting and completing action steps. You can then increase those micro-actions to things like signing up and purchasing something from you.

Give targeted help to each website visitor

The great thing about a chatbot is that it can be tailored to provide targeted help based on selected options. Use them to help establish your visitors’ most significant need or to narrow down their options so they’re picking the right solution for them.

A chatbot is an essential tool in your business communication strategy. It’s also one of the 8 admin tasks you can (and should!) automate. Why? Because it can save you so much time and energy! If you’re wondering which chatbot to use, check out ManyChat, as it’s one of the most affordable and easiest ones to use.

If you’d like a little help establishing how to use a chatbot in your business, why not book in for a power hour with me? It’s a great way to get my help and support on a specific problem or area of your business. You can use the time together to brainstorm how a chatbot could help you, as well as potential automations you could use within it. You can find out more about my power hour sessions here.

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