An OBM is a freelancer who can offer management-level support to your business. Hiring an OBM is a great way to free up your time so you can step fully into your CEO and visionary roles. 

In this recent blog post, we looked at what an Online Business Manager is and looked at how they can help your business. However, if you’re looking to hire an OBM and want more specific examples of the type of tasks an OBM can manage for you, here are our top five.

An OBM can help you with project management

They can develop and plan out upcoming projects, oversee and manage the team working on specific projects and also track and monitor the workload and tasks, to ensure you’re getting the results you want. An OBM is able to also handle any challenges that may arise, dealing with them swiftly and efficiently.

Help you set up and manage your systems, processes and automation

An OBM is able to help you manage your business systems and process in a variety of ways. They can help initially identify the tasks within your business and the processes used to achieve them. Once they have that information they can then set up your own SOPs manual, as well as identifying what improvements, changes and automations may be needed, to help your business work more efficiently. And of course, they can then project manage the entire process of implementing those changes!

They can help you with revenue stream management

Many online businesses have various revenue streams in place. This can include online groups, masterminds, courses and events. Your OBM can manage the production and completion of those revenue streams, covering everything from tool selection through to customer services and aftercare management.

Team Management isn’t something you need to manage yourself

When it comes to team management an OBM can help you here too. They’re able to delegate, manage the different teams within your business, project manage and step in when needed. If you’re looking for someone to manage the communication between a team and other business employees – including other freelancers – this is something you can also delegate to your OBM.

An OBM can manage your social media and digital marketing

As far as projects go, your social media and digital marketing plans are an important part of your business growth. An OBM can not only help you establish the best platforms to be on for your business needs, but they can also help set them up and manage them, once they’re live.

Hiring an OBM is a decision you don’t take lightly. As with any freelancer, you want to maximise the worth of any Assistant you hire. To maximise the worth of your OBM you need to be clear on the wide variety of tasks they can handle on your behalf. But as you can see from the five task examples above, the role is one that can be as varied and helpful as you want it to be!

But if you’d like to explore how an OBM can help you in your business specifically, why not get in touch? We can have a quick 20-minute chat together to discuss your business needs and establish how an OBM can help you grow your business further. You’ll find details on how to contact me and book in that call, here.


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