Why hire an Administrative Consultant or AC in short? It’s a question many sole business owners, used to working alone, are asking themselves. After all, things are ticking along nicely – and isn’t it just entrepreneurs and startups who are struggling, that need the help of an AC?

There are many startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and charities that use the services of an Administrative Consultant. The dynamics of each of those businesses may vary enormously. Some hire an AC because they simply cannot squeeze any more into their working day. They are struggling to get everything done and things are slipping through the cracks. As a result, their business is starting to suffer.

Yet for other business owners, hiring an Administrative Consultant is a strategic move. Their business is doing well, they’re keeping on top of things and everything is heading in the right direction. So why do they hire an AC? 

Here’s a breakdown of why hiring an Administrative Consultant is something all business owners should do.


1. Reduce cost by hiring an Administrative Consultant

If your business is growing, it’s time to start building a team around you – and an Administrative Consultant is a great start. Why? Because it costs less and they can do more. 

As an AC is a remote, freelance worker, there’s no employee salary to worry about. You don’t have to find the cash for a workspace, insurance, holiday, sick pay, or even training courses and, you only have to pay for the hours you need. 

Additionally, an Administrative Consultant can often carry out tasks traditionally managed by other roles in the business. For example, an AC can look after your customer service, administrative tasks, social media management, online content creation, website maintenance to name but a few.

2. Gain back time

There are only so many hours in a day. No matter how awesome you are, you cannot change that, so it makes sense to manage your time well. There are some jobs that are crucial for the business to run smoothly but aren’t worth you spending valuable time doing yourself. 

Do you know what your hourly rate is? If not, sit down and work it out. Then look at some of the tasks you’ve been performing – tasks like admin, organising meetings, managing your inbox, recruitment shortlisting, dealing with customer queries, competitor analysis etc. Are they worth your hourly rate or is it more cost-effective to hire someone to manage those tasks for you? 

Your time needs to be reserved for those tasks that only you can do. If there are some tasks you enjoy doing, by all means, continue doing them – but spend your time wisely.

3. Growing your business

Growing a business is no task for one person alone. If you’re looking to hit bigger goals, reach higher financial targets and look to make a bigger impact, you can’t do that on your own. There just aren’t enough working hours in your day to do it all. The savvy business owner knows, if you want to get to the next level, you’re going to need a team.

And for those business owners, it isn’t a case of asking Why hire an Administrative Consultant? It’s more of a question as to Why not hire an Administrative Consultant! Not only is an AC a valuable part of a team, but they’re also often the person who has the widest range of useable skills to bring to your business – skills that will certainly help you take your business a step closer to your goal.

My experience outsourcing tasks to an AC or freelance specialist has been nothing short of amazing. The benefits have been, saving time, money, headaches and at times procrastination.

Have you previously outsourced a task you don’t enjoy or simply didn’t know how to do? What has your experience been like? Or alternatively, have you considered outsourcing tasks to an AC but chose not to go ahead? What stopped you?

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