Top 5 ‘can’t live without’ business tools

Running a business is something you want to make as easy and simple for yourself. There’s already so much that needs your attention, as well as an ongoing list of tasks to complete. But when it comes to making things simple, there’s usually a tool that will help! So here’s an overview of what I consider to be my ‘can’t live without’ top five business tools.

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Business tool #1: Google Drive 

On the surface, Google Drive is just a file storage and synchronisation tool. But don’t take that statement lightly. It’s not until your computer shuts down midway through you editing a long document, that you’ll appreciate how useful file synchronisation is! How many times have you been so focused on what you’re doing, that you’ve forgotten to hit that ‘save’ button? 

Google Drive also makes it easy to share files and folders with others too. You can determine who you want to have access, as well as the edit rights you want them to have. And if you both want to work on the same document, you can track changes and comments too.

You can check out this essential business tool, by heading to this link: 

Business Tool #2: Toggl 

The next business tool we have is Toggl. It’s a simple time tracking app with powerful reports behind it. You can use it across all of your devices, and it allows you to accurately track your daily activities. The reports and insights it gives you can help provide you with the information you need, to make improvements to your time management and workflow. 

To manage your time you can set up specific projects and tasks to track. You can then use manual entry or the automated tracker, to accurately track time spent on each. 

You can find out more about Toggl, by heading over to their website: 

Business Tool #3: Zoom 

Zoom provides video and online chat functionality in a cloud-based platform. It’s the perfect business tool for video client calls, audio-only calls, webinars, group conferences and training sessions. 

When you’re using Zoom you can share your screen with other participants, have them raise their hand for questions, and use the chat functionality to share website links and advice. You can also lock the screen so the main presenter is the only person you see or show all participants in a grid layout. With the ability to record calls and invite participants to pre-scheduled meetings, it’s an essential tool for any online business.

You can find out more about Zoom and their pricing options, here: 

Business Tool #4: Buffer 

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool. It enables you to easily publish content to most of the social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram. There is a basic free plan (which you can only access after a free trial), and this gives you the functionality to schedule up to 10 posts at any one time, to 3 social media accounts each month. However, for a simple $15 a month upgrade, that jumps to 8 social media accounts and 100 scheduled posts.

If you want to analyse your results, Buffer also can give you in-depth insights. However, for these, you will need to pay for an additional ‘analyse’ package.

You can find out more about this business tool, over on their website:

Business Tool #5: LastPass 

The last tool in my list is LastPass. This is an essential tool for any business owner who wants to securely store passwords (read that ‘as a tool for all business owners’ then!). Not only is it a pain remembering all the passwords you need for your business, but there’s also so many of them to remember!

LastPass enables you to securely store passwords, as well as create stronger ones with their random password generator. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also securely share passwords with others – so it’s perfect if you’re working with clients and need to access their accounts.

You can check out LastPass offers, here.

Running a business is something you want to make as easy and simple for yourself – and the above business tools do just that. But if you are looking for help in implementing the right tools and systems in your business (including the ones listed above!), check out how an Admin Consultant could be the solution you’re looking for.


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