5 reasons why you need an Admin Consultant

If you’ve been running your business single-handled from the get-go, it’s understandable that you may be questioning why you need an Administrative Consultant. After all, you’ve been doing okay as you are, right?

If you’re tired of juggling tasks, are looking to get more organised, or are merely curious, here are five reasons why you need an Administrative Consultant.


1. You can’t be a jack of all trades

Well, you could, but it would mean an awful lot of time spent on learning new skills and let’s be honest there is no need for that. Far too many business owners are wasting valuable time, learning things they don’t need or have no interest in.

Your time could (and should!) be better spent. I’m sure there’s currently things on your to-do list that are continually getting moved back, simply because you don’t want (or know-how) to do them. There are also other tasks you’re doing that are essential to the smooth running of your business, but aren’t cost-effective for you to do (such as diary management, call handling, conference organisation etc.). Isn’t it time you got those tasks off your to-do list and onto someone else’s?


2. There are only 24 hours in your day

Let me ask you, are you currently working the hours you want to work? Did you start your business to gain freedom or to work part-time around your family – but finding that impossible to achieve? This is why you need an Administrative Consultant.

No matter how many hours you work, you’ll only be able to get so much done. Not only are you restricted by available working hours, but your brain can also only cope with so much work, before it too, needs a break. Running a business can be hard, and it makes sense for you to focus only on tasks that you need and want to do – and outsource the rest.


3. Your health is important

Burnout, fatigue, stress, anxiety and worry are all common problems for business owners. Often, these are caused when you haven’t achieved a workable balance between your work and personal lives. And that’s understandable – if you’re trying to do everything yourself. There’s not enough down-time and too much work-time going on!

Remember, if you’re not well, both you and your business will suffer. It’s therefore essential that you ensure you’re looking after your health and not taking on too much or working too hard. You need an Administrative Consultant to help you achieve a better work-life balance.


4. Time to call in the professionals – that’s why you need an Administrative Consultant!

Some business tasks are simply too specialised for you to do well. Yes, you could take the time out to learn them, but can you afford to do that – and more importantly, would you want to? You may feel you’re currently managing tasks such as social media, SEO and web management okay – but are they getting done to a standard that is genuinely benefiting your business?

It’s also worth remembering that customer relationship management, diary management and event/meeting set up and organisation all eat into an average working day. If these aren’t run well, they reflect poorly on you and your future business potential. You need an Administrative Consultant to manage these things for you, as it not only helps your business run smoother, it also portrays a more professional image for your company.


5. Your clients deserve the best of you

You went into business because you had a passion for something. Whether that’s providing a service or producing a product, it’s what you’re good at. And it’s that expertise and passion your clients deserve to see – and this is why you need an Administrative Consultant.

Everything else in your business can often be handled competently and efficiently, either by outsourcing to an Administrative Consultant or adding a specialist to your team. After all, it’s not just your clients that deserve the best of you – you, your family and your business do too!

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