Knowing what to outsource in your business

Running your own business can be tough. It can sometimes feel like there’s a never-ending task list and not enough hours in the day or week to finish it all! But you don’t have to do it all yourself. Outsourcing can solve a lot of your issues. However, hiring the right person and knowing what to outsource to them can also be challenging.

Luckily, there’s a simple process you can follow to get clear on what to outsource. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you need to take to find the different tasks you can outsource in your business.

If you want to know what to outsource, track what tasks you’re already doing

Clarify where your time is going and the tasks you’re regularly completing. I’d recommend you track everything you do for one to two weeks. Write down everything you do, no matter how big or small – as it’s often those small tasks that mount up and eat into your day. It may seem tedious initially, but it’s going to save you so much time and money further down the line.

Understand what lights you up – and what doesn’t

Which tasks do you enjoy doing, and which ones drain you? It’s easy to get so used to completing the different tasks you do, without stopping to think if you even like them! You’re the CEO of your business, and your time is valuable. You should only be spending it on those tasks that either light you up or can only be completed by you. Everything else needs to be outsourced, as you don’t want them eating into your time or taking up bandwidth in your head.

Know what tasks need to stay with you and can’t be outsourced

Talking of those things only you can do, now is the time to establish which tasks they are. Usually, these are the tasks your clients are paying you to do, such as coaching calls, group training events or 1:1 sessions. If you’re wondering what to outsource, it’s everything that isn’t on this list!

Establish which tasks are low value for you

Next, take a look at the low-value tasks you’re doing. Are they worth your time and hourly rate? Tasks such as social media, graphics creation, content editing and uploading etc., are all tasks that are not worth your time. It’s why they’re usually outsourced to an administrative assistant or Virtual Assistant.

Deal with those repetitive tasks, if you want to know what to outsource

Lastly, look at the repetitive tasks. These are the tasks that are often boring or mundane but essential. And they are often the ones that can be easily automated or outsourced. So decide if you could hire someone to automate those for you? No? Then add them to your ‘What to outsource’ list too.

When you work through the list above, you’ll have created yourself a decent list of tasks you can outsource. If you’re still a little unsure of the process, I’ve created The Business Booster No-Brainer to help you with precisely this. It’s an interactive workbook that will help you establish where your time and money is being spent. You’ll learn which tasks are worthy of your hourly rate, along with those that need to be outsourced. You can opt-in for your free copy here.

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