How much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

As a business owner looking to hire administrative help, you’ll no doubt be asking yourself how much does a Virtual Assistant cost? After all, there’s a good chance that a Virtual Assistant is the first team member you look for and have considered hiring, since wanting to expand your business.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to that question, as there are various factors to take into account. However, you don’t want to find your ideal VA, only to get shocked by the cost either!

So here’s how you can get answers and clarification while narrowing down your selection and avoiding any nasty financial surprises.


Know what tasks you want to outsource

Start by writing a list consisting of all the tasks you would like to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Not only will this help you narrow down how many hours you need a VA for each month, but it will also help narrow down your selection. It’s also important to remember that, when working out how much a VA costs, many Virtual Assistants specialise in different areas, impacting their overall hourly rates.


Consider the industry standards

The society of virtual assistants based in the UK produces an annual survey that establishes the industry-standard rates for UK Virtual Assistants. * Although the standard hourly price can range between £10-£111 per hour, the average is currently at £27. However, it’s important to remember, this is a general guideline and doesn’t include expenses. Other things will impact how much a Virtual Assistant costs. These include whether you’re hiring a VA for specialised jobs, or if they offer discounts for block bookings and skill-specific packages. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about paying your Virtual Assistant holiday or sick pay. You’ll also only be charged for time spent on your tasks, and you can pre-book the hours you need!

How much does a VA cost? Research and compare!

It’s worth shopping around to find an affordable and suitable solution for your needs. Get recommendations from business colleagues who already hire a Virtual Assistant. Find out if their Virtual Assistant has availability or suggested Associates they can recommend too. As Virtual Assistants are remote workers, widen your search outside your locality, make it UK-wide, and compile a shortlist of potential candidates. Of course, you could also expand your search worldwide, but do remember that will often mean having to overcome language barriers and time zone differences.

Get in touch with your shortlisted Virtual Assistants

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, book in discovery calls with each of them. Don’t be afraid to ask for their rates, both as ad-hoc hourly prices and block bookings. Explain what your needs are, and see if there’s a solution they can recommend that suits your needs and your budget.


Don’t let cost be the only deciding factor 

Finally, don’t let cost be your only deciding factor. It isn’t just answering the question of how much does a Virtual Assistant cost. You need to go with the right VA for your needs and overall business plans. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an investment and it’s a worthwhile one. Remind yourself how you’ll benefit from hiring a VA – the time and space to focus on what you love doing. Plus, you’re also hiring the professional support your business needs, to get it to the next level.

Have you found your perfect VA already? How did you find them? And if you’re still looking, what challenges are you stumbling across?

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