Why are systems important for your digital business?

It’s impossible to run a successful business without having systems in place. Systems help you streamline your business, implement trackable processes and save you time. But if you’re not currently using them you may be wondering – why are systems important for your digital business? Here’s a quick overview of why systems are so crucial to your business.

Systems save you having to remember everything

It isn’t just the creative-heavy tasks that take up bandwidth in your brain. Everything you do at work involves some kind of thinking – decision making, planning and organising all take up capacity in your brain. Having the right systems in place and enables you to save some of that mental energy. A good system is designed to save you time and energy, by giving you a set blueprint of steps to follow.

They allow for the creation of automations

Why are systems important? They allow for the creation of automations and automations make your working day a lot easier. They help free up even more of your time and crucially, they also enable you to save the mental bandwidth involved in the decision-making process. But automations also enable you to get more done, as you’re not having to manually do everything yourself. Things like automated social media posts and automated payment gateways are a great way to introduce automation into your business for those mundane (but necessary!) tasks.

Systems are important as they significantly reduce the scope for mistakes

When you follow a clear system you are significantly reducing the likelihood of making a mistake. There are fewer delays, when a system is followed too. Human errors, such as misunderstandings, forgetfulness and even a lack of experience, all impact negatively on your business. And if you’re getting repeated mistakes and delays in certain areas of your business, it’s probably down to a lack of clear, documented systems.

They allow you to delegate

If you have a clear documented system in place it’s a lot easier to delegate out the associated task. Not only can you clearly see how long a task takes to complete, you have the steps involved in completing it. You can then check what specialised skills and experience are needed, before handing it over to someone with those compatible skills levels. The task will still be completed to a satisfactory level, as they have a clear system to follow.

Systems allow cohesive quality control

The beauty of a system is that it enables you to provide a consistent and repeatable level of service. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the task yourself or outsourcing it to someone else, the end result and level of quality should remain the same. You can then use the system you already have in place to track and monitor your results and see where you can make improvements. 

Why are systems important for your digital business? Systems are crucial as they help you save time, energy and money. If you’d like to explore more about systems, as well as implementing systems in your business, check out the recent blogs The 7 systems every online business must have and What is the difference between a tool, system and a process.

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