The 5 scheduling systems you need to free up your time and energy

If you’re a freedom-lover who is looking to free up your time and gain location freedom, you need scheduling systems. A freedom lover makes use of the different scheduling tools available as often as they can. They help free up your time and energy whilst also cutting back on unnecessary outsourcing expenses.

But how do you know what to schedule and what to outsource? That’s a choice many freedom-loving entrepreneurs will spend valuable time deliberating. It’s an answer that depends mainly on the type of business you have, the staff you employ and the variety of systems you have in place. However, if you’d rather save yourself the deliberation time and jump straight into action, here are the five scheduling systems you need to have in place.

#1: Call scheduling

This one is non-negotiable. Not only does it save you having to deal with the dreaded email ping pong, but it also makes booking a call a lot less stressful for your clients! 

I’d recommend you check out Acuity – it enables you to sync all your calendars together, block off dedicated calls for your different services, and also allows you to book paid appointments too.

#2: Choose from the different social media scheduling systems

The following scheduling system I recommend you implement is one for scheduling your social media posts. Social media can be a huge time drain for many entrepreneurs. 

If you want to free up that time, schedule out your social media content. Check out Publer for your main social media platforms and Planoly for Instagram scheduling.

#3: Opt for email scheduling

Automated email scheduling is also a must. It’s the best way to build and grow an engaged mailing list of your own. Scheduling tools help you automate the sending of emails whilst also tracking results and targeting engaged subscribers.

There are three great solutions for you here, so choose between – Mailerlite, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign.

#4: Schedule your invoices

Invoicing is another area that needs to be scheduled, especially if you’re offering a monthly payment plans or subscriptions. Use a payment system that seamlessly integrates with your chosen platform and enables you to set up automated payments at the time of booking.

I’d recommend you look into using FreeAgent or Xero. If you’re looking to integrate payment into your booking system, so payments are taken at the time of booking, you’ll also need Paypal or Stripe.

#5: Tech updates and scans

Finally, ensure you’re automatically scheduling your tech updates and scans. This isn’t just about protecting your hardware and documents; it’s also about looking after your business. Out of date tech can be glitchy, whilst viruses can more easily infect an out of date PC or laptop. Opt for a paid version of Avast to protect your PC or laptop and always look to carry out and install all soft and hardware updates.

If you’re a freedom-lover who is looking to free up your time and gain location freedom, you need scheduling systems. The five mentioned above are the most popular ones to schedule, but carry out an audit on your business to establish the best systems to schedule in your business.

And if you’re looking for some help with scheduling systems, why not get in touch? As an Admin Consultant, I can take over the day-to-day running of your business so that you can free up even more of your time. I can also carry out specific administrative projects and also ensure you’re using the right tools, systems and strategies within your business to achieve maximum results. So reach out, and let’s discuss your needs and potential next steps.

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