How to work out what you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant

It can be a little overwhelming, initially delegating tasks out to someone else. However, if you’re in business, it’s an essential part of your business growth. The faster you learn how and what you can delegate, the better your business will be financially and in terms of efficiency.

One of the first hires you will make as part of that growth will inevitably be a Virtual Assistant. But how do you know what you can delegate out to them? Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps you need to take.

#1: Know where your time is being spent

You can’t hope to know what to delegate if you don’t remember all the tasks you currently do. So if you want to delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you need to initially spend a little time working out the typical tasks you do in an average day, week and month. 

Write them all down and, if you want to be super-efficient, write down an estimate of how long you spend on each.

#2: Add in the tasks that aren’t currently getting done, but need doing

When you write down the tasks that take up your time, you’re only looking at one part of the picture. The other part comprises of those tasks that either need or should be done, but aren’t currently getting done. 

This includes running off reports, checking analytics, competitor research, customer satisfaction surveys, creating workflows and templates etc. So think about all the tasks that aren’t getting done and add them to your list!

#3: Put an asterisk next to those tasks you love to do and won’t want to delegate

Now go through your list and place an asterisk next to all the tasks you love doing. These are the tasks that light you up, the ones that bring joy to your day and the tasks that help you stay connected to your business. 

#4: Highlight the tasks only you can do

Next up, go back through your list and highlight the tasks that only you can do. The ones that cannot happen, without your input and time. There may be a few tasks that need your input for only part of the task – if this is the case, look to split them down into separate tasks. You can then highlight the part that only you can do.

If there are quite a few tasks that only you can do, you may need a little help in managing your time. I’d recommend you check out How to manage your time like a boss.

#5: What’s left is what you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant

All of the tasks that aren’t highlighted or don’t have an asterisk by them are tasks you can outsource. You may need to go through your list a couple of times, to write down any tasks you missed or to highlight the ones you skipped, but essentially, that’s it! You now have an idea of what you can delegate out to a Virtual Assistant. 

If you’re not sure whether another person can complete the remaining tasks, you can take a look at my free workbook. Not only will it help you work out where you’re spending your time, but it also has a handy list of tasks you should be delegating out to a Virtual Assistant. You can opt-in for your copy of this valuable workbook, here.


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